"Cafe Optimi Eilat Italian&Israeli Kitchen, located on Eilat Promenade next to the mall in front of the sea, offers dishes from Italian cuisine and Israeli cuisine, for example: pizzas, pastas, breakfasts, fish, shakes, salads, creams and more... Cafe Optimi overlooks the view of the Red Sea and enjoys an amazing location right in the heart of Eilat's bustling promenade. Cafe Optimi has been around for over 19 years and operates according to the standard of the favorite restaurant of the residents of Eilat and a place from Pesham. At Cafe Optimi you can sit inside the air-conditioned space or on the spacious balcony overlooking the Red Sea. On the menu: a wide variety of fish, Pizzas, toasts, pizzas, sandwiches, creams, breakfasts and vegan dishes. In addition, you can find a very wide variety of beers and light and hot drinks. We think that wine should not be expensive, so we sell our entire range of wines for 49 NIS for a large bottle and 14 NIS for a glass of wine, optimistic coffee, a place that is easy to love..

Taste through images

The chef of Cafe Optimi prepares daily specials with special Italian and Israeli dishes
Ravioli filled with sweet potato or cheese with a choice sauce of your selection: Tomato sauce / Aglio e Olio / Cream Sauces / Rosa Sauce / Optimi Sauce / Salmon Cream
Optimi Breakfast
Two eggs to your liking (omelette, scrambled, fried) vegetable salad, Bulgarian cheese 5%, cream cheese, avocado, tuna, Edam cheese, seasoned cream, bread, juice, hot drink
Fish & Chips
Fish fingers coated in bread crumbs, served with chips
Salmon Filet
Lemon/cream sauce, oven baked with potatoes / chips / rice and green salad

Talking about us

“We really enjoyed! The fish was really tasty and the first courses were delicious too”
Really delicious, this restaurant is primely located on the promenade. We ordered salmon fillet and Sea Bream and they were scrumptious
“Superb restaurant with fantastic views, centrally located on the promenade”
A great restaurant, the pizzas, pasta and fish were delicious, Asher the manager provided us with fantastic service
“Even when this place is packed with people the service is superb and the food is delicious”
Awesome, truly awesome. This restaurant was a fantastic choice, the service was outstanding and our waitress Benia was amazing
“As local residents, we have been regular customers for several years”
“Café Optimi is a great restaurant with fantastic service serving large portions at affordable prices (…) to sum it up, we love this restaurant.”

Opening Hours

Sunday - Saturday at 9AM - 11PM


Pninat Eilat, Mol Hayam promenade

Café Optimi Italian&Israeli kitchen, a recommended Italian restaurant in Eilat, located on the Eilat promenade adjacent to the mall in front of the Azrieli Sea, Café Optimi serves dishes from the Italian menu, for example pizzas, pastas, fish, breakfasts, shakes, salads, desserts, and more,, Café Optimi is open from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. continuously Including Friday and Saturday, optimistic coffee that you will surely enjoy.

Looking for a recommended restaurant in Eilat? At Cafe Optimi Italian&Israeli kitchen, which is a restaurant open on Friday and a restaurant open on Saturday, there is a solution. Cafe Optimi is one of the recommended restaurants in Eilat, Cafe Optimi is a restaurant in Eilat that serves a very varied and wide menu: pizzas, fish, pastas, sandwiches, creams, shakes, recommended breakfasts in Eilat, vegan food in Eilat and more, Cafe Optimi is also a recommended restaurant for children in Eilat, thanks to The many children's dishes on the menu, looking for a healthy meal in Eilat? At Cafe Optimi there is a healthy breakfast, and a large selection of healthy and nutritious dishes, were you looking for a vegan restaurant in Eilat? Optimi Cafe has a huge selection of vegan dishes and every year we make sure to add more and more dishes of vegan food, were you looking for an Italian restaurant in Eilat or Italian restaurants in Eilat? At Café Optimi you found pastas, pizzas and salads from Italian cuisine, for example: Margherita pizza, salmon pizza, burrata salad, Caprese salad, cheese/sweet potato ravioli with a selection of different sauces from Italian cuisine, at Café Optimi a large selection of gluten-free dishes (the dishes are made in a gluten-free environment) such as bread Gluten-free, sandwiches, salads, shakes, fish and gluten-free breakfasts. Searching for restaurants in Eilat, you came across a lot of restaurants, but there is only one Italian restaurant in Eilat, which is a restaurant on the Eilat Promenade and overlooks an amazing view of the Eilat Promenade and the Red Sea. In addition, Optim Cafe is located only 100 meters from the mall in front of the Azrieli sea, which allows you to come and dine at Optim Cafe for a recommended breakfast, lunch or Brunch in Eilat or even a pampering dinner and when you're done you can jump to the mall in front of the sea for a shopping experience without VAT.

If you only eat vegetarian then you must know that Cafe Optimi Italian&Israeli kitchen is a dairy restaurant in Eilat that is also highly recommended, Cafe Optimi was founded in 2004 and will soon celebrate 20 years of activity. Were you looking for a fish restaurant in Eilat or fish restaurants in Eilat? At Cafe Optimi, there is a wide selection of fish, starting with a whole bream fish and a selection of 3 flavors of salmon fillet in different sauces and fish & chips that everyone loves.

Were you looking for a coffee shop in Eilat? Cafe Optimi Italian&Israeli kitchen located on Eilat Promenade is a recommended cafe in Eilat, coffee in Eilat, tea, upside down coffee, cappuccino, all of these are featured in the menu of Cafe Optimi, in addition there is a large selection of starters, main dishes and recommended desserts, in Cafe Optimi a large selection of wines at reasonable prices Very cheap, which allows you to have a light brunch with a glass of wine and a delicious salad or pizza. Cafe Optimi is one of the most recommended restaurants on the Eilat promenade, also to be close to all the sights, also to eat breakfast and go to the beach or even to have lunch or dinner and go to the mall in front of the sea for VAT-free shopping.

Cafe Optimi Italian&Israeli kitchen was chosen as one of the recommended restaurants in Eilat, by a large selection of websites and newspapers in Israel, for example: YNET chose Cafe Optimi as one of the 50 best breakfasts and bars in Israel. In short, were you looking for somewhere to eat in Eilat? Have you found Optimi Cafe Italian&Israeli kitchen this is the answer, want to sit in our indoor space and enjoy the air conditioning on hot summer days or sit on our beautiful balcony overlooking the boardwalk and the Red Sea at Optimi Cafe you will find both.

Were you looking for somewhere to eat in Eilat? At Cafe Optimi Italian&Israeli kitchen a selection of pizzas, pastas, breakfasts, salads, creams, a large selection of vegan dishes, at Cafe Optimi they serve children's dishes and it is one of the recommended restaurants in Eilat to eat with children. Were you looking for Saturday breakfasts? Optimi Cafe is open every day from 9 in the morning to 11 at night continuously, every day of the week, that is, if you were looking for breakfast in the evening as well, then we will be happy to prepare breakfast for you at 10 at night as well!!!.

Recommended breakfasts, recommended lunch or brunch in Eilat, recommended dinner in Eilat, you will find all of these at Cafe Optimi, Cafe Optimi Italian&Israeli kitchen is open every day from 9 am to 11 pm continuously including Friday and Saturday.